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Originally Posted by Gache View Post
We should be more worried about what our children are becoming than a handful of wannabees. I find only rare examples in the states, dont know much about canada's situation, of indian children with little or no knowledge of their culture or language other than powwowing. Kids these days are finding more in common with ghetto culture than their own traditional values.

Right now I am working on something that I think will open the doors of the indigenous community to each other and I hope will economically enable the indigenous community to hange this.

I'm more worried about our children having to learn from these wannabe's that are performing in their schools, scouts etc, If the child understands what is going on with their culture, then how would they feel when their school hires one of these wannabe's to talk to them....this is a problem here, wannabe's showing up in children activities spouting their fabricated history....
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