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Originally Posted by FluteMaker View Post
you wasnt looking to get spanked were you? cuz we dont do that here, this is a good wholsom family program.

the issue of wannabes and fakes irritates me more in matters of intellectual cultural property and spiritual matters than it does in material matters. having a federal card isnt going to make anyones work any better,not having one doesnt make it any less. quality is quality and id rather a person hang thier reputation on quality before heritage.
however, these goofs selling sweat lodge retreats and mock sundances all need to be hanged

lol still law is law.....
I understand there are non natives that can rock the socks off when it comes to craft work which is fine, they are not claiming to be indian and not selling as indian BUT when the line is crossed and non natives are selling items as ndn made, then thats when the law comes into effect. and I seen some bad stuff made by non natives lol....

no law against sweats or sundance they get by with the "freedom of religion act" blah, but what goes around comes around and they get theirs, eventually........IMO
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