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silence is golden is infamous around these partssilence is golden is infamous around these partssilence is golden is infamous around these partssilence is golden is infamous around these parts
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if i give you the three dollars back,you might buy meat with it...that would be doing you a great diservice.,and i would also get bad karma//when a person gives the Hare Krishnas money it clesanstheir heartfromso much dirt fromso many lifetimes.I know about the ceremonies.My friend,Krishna Dasa,his father was amedicine chief in South Dakota...I know about all the austerities and the piercings,the voluntary pain forgain...were on the same side...Krishna dasas Father performed a Native American Ceremony before the Deities were installed here,in New Dwarka....Our children have a very elevated birth,as do the pure native american indians.imjust older and more informed about a;ll thisstuff.Im just a servant of the devotees who are part of Caitanya Lila,and a servant of the Native American Indians...theres even a specialhealer,very famous in Boulder ,Colorado.Hannah,she has a church and she said the devotees weere sent to save the worlsd..I cant stand christians who eat meat...thats sooo bogus.and i wish they would kill the people who kill the cows....they dont deserve to live...I live with a rabbit,named Shanti babalove...and i dont see how somany people think that animals have no soul....they are Gods children also...the wild game i agree with if the people have powers and pray for the animals future when they kill it,but how many natives goand hunt their own animals...most buy meats in the stores..thats very badf....youneed to get some info on how they grow and kill these animals with such uttercruelty...its not human to treat them this way....,all for their temporary sense gratification.most people donthave the desire to research this stuff...theyd rather criticize about things they know nothing about..Next time give the hare krishna 20.00 and actually read the book...its notgoing to harm will be purified....and maybe you dont dance for worship to the Creator,for peace on earth....i seriously dont agree with your opinion of why people dance at the powwow,.Dancing in a worshipful way is natural..everyone wanrts to serve someone...I know that the drumming,the sinfging and dancing is for worshipping the creator,though I have only personally known a few native american indians,thoughthey were the very pure ones... the pure of them is Big Al(ex-Cia fromSouth Dakota) he terrifies people with one world about one world gov.plans
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