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ceremonies were meant to be sacred....not secret

my 2 grandmothers were part cherokee but raised in the ways of the "white" man and marrying men of european descent. although i look more irish and have never experienced the ways of my cherokee ancestors, i have the beliefs and the heart of one who desires to follow the true path. we have one creator, so isn't he father of all and his message universal? is it up to humans to decide who is acceptable and who is not? if your heart is pure and your intentions good, maybe if someone comes to a ceremony for the sake of personal gain or mockery, isn't it possible that their hearts may be changed by the power of ceremony? i was surprised to see a couple answers that flat out said "no, non-indians should not be allowed". it is not anyone's right to exclude, but it is the responsibility of those who know the traditions to teach all who come. one can not be serious about their own heritage and committed to following the true path if they just flip a coin for the answer. i'm having my first child in a few months and i want them to learn the traditions that i have never learned, but there never seems to be any place close by and why travel so far when we are looked upon with such disregard instead of being welcomed?
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