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As far as how a crib sheet looks after time, I still have one from when I was a baby, that was used with my younger 2 sisters, and my son. Countless numbers of washes in the washing machine as well. I'm 26. The crib sheet is faded, and not quite as thick as the new ones are (but i dont know if its always looked like that or not.....has as far as I remember it) But other than that, its still not fraying or anything. I'll let ya know in another 26 years how its still holding up LOL

But seriously, I do understand totally about worrying how long the material is going to hold up. If I ever get to the point that my beadwork is really really good, and I would be making family heirlooms of sorts, I would definately use some sort of leather. But for now, till I improve the quality of my work, I'll practice on lesser quality material and save a few bucks (and fingers!)

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