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I JUST rolled in from Brooklyn. Made it to work too Tired but I'm
The pow-wow was run very well. I wouldn't expect less from that crew. Taiyin is ALWAYS organized :0) They treated everybody well and the hospitality was great!
I only have 1 complaint.......................................
IT WAS BEYOND HOT!!! I know there's nothing to be done about the heat :0) It was soooooo humid on Sunday.
Anyway, I know somebody will be posting a full list later but here is what my sleepy brain can remember:

Men's N. Traditional
1st: Charles Hindsley
2nd: Alden Pompana
3rd: Matthew Isaac
4th: Novi ? <------ I think thats his first name.

Women's Traditional
1st: Melissa Montoya
2nd: ??? Clairmont (my gosh! Her name escapes
3rd: Challis Isaac
4th: ??? Meechis (don't know her name either)

Men's Grass
1st: Keith Sharphead

Women's Jingle
1st: Jackie Klein
2nd: Mary Ahenaque
3rd: Iliana Montoya
4th: Katrina BigMountain

Men's Fancy
1st: Jerry Cleveland
2nd: Daniel Tramper
3rd: ?
4th: ?

WOmen's Fancy
1st: Tanski Clairmont
2nd: ? (I can't believe I can't remember her
3rd: Jen Martin
4th: Naomi Cleveland

There was also a Men's Southern Straight category. They added this category during the pow-wow since there were so many. I thought that was cool but I didnt get to hear the winners.
There wasn't a Golden Age category before anybody thinks I left them
They also had some specials in: Smoke, Shawl, Men's Traditional, and Jingle BUT I don't remember who won those. It's hard to listen to everything with a 10 week old baby but that's the best I could do. Maybe somebody can fill in the blanks??
Again, good job to the committee! Your hard work paid off this weekend!
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