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Okay, I just got back to work (going on 4 hours of sleep). Didn't get back home from cleaning up the grounds and bringing back trailers til 5am this morning. I'm exhausted!

Winners are....
JR Girls
1st - Seven BigMountain
2nd - Joni Pompana
3rd - Wakinyela Clairmont

JR Boys
1st - Delano Cleveland
2nd - Garry Meeches, Jr.
3rd - Nodin Jackson

Teen Women's Jingle
1st - Josie Red Wing
2nd - Cholena Smith

Teen Women's Fancy
1st - Josephine Tarrant

Teen Men's Tradish
1st - Jay Silva

Teen Men's Grass
1st - Dustin BigMountain

Teen Men's Fancy
1st - Courage Bear Cleveland
2nd - Terrance Cleveland
3rd - Sherman Addi

Women's Tradish
1st - Melissa Montoya
2nd - Carmen Clairmont
3rd - Challis Isaax
4th - Erin Lamb-Meeches

Women's Jingle
1st - Jackie Klein
2nd - Mary Ahenakew
3rd - Iliana Montoya
4th - Katrina Fisher (former BigMountain)

Women's Fancy
1st - Tanski Clairmont
2nd - Katy Isennock
3rd - Jennifer Martin
4th - Nyomi Cleveland

Men's Northern Tradish
1st - Charles Hindsley
2nd - Alden Pompana
3rd - Matthew Isaac
4th - Honovi Smith

Men's Southern Straight
1st - EchoHawk Neconie
2nd - Delano "Angelo" (forgot last name)
3rd - Paige Burgess
4th - Ray Silva

Men's Grass
1st - Keith Sharphead
2nd - Eyje "AG" Shenandoah
3rd - Ginew Benton
4th - Josh Richardson

Men's Fancy
1st - Jerry Cleveland, Jr.
2nd - Daniel Tramper
3rd - Rick Cleveland, Jr.
4th - Josh Hill

1st - Mystic River
2nd - White Tail
3rd - Stoney Creek
4th - Great Lakes Alliance
Consolations - BlackBear & Bear Clan

Men's Northern
1st - Honovi Smith
2nd - Larry Ahenakew
3rd - forgot name
Consolations - Charles Hindsley & Alden Pompana

Men's Grass
1st - Josh Richardson
2nd - Keith Sharphead
3rd - Dustin BigMountain

Women's Smoke
1st - Jennifer Martin
2nd - Shantel Burning
3rd - Liz Charlevois

Men's Smoke
1st - Mickey Sickles
2nd - Adrian Harjo
3rd - Eyje "AG" Shenandoah

I wanted to thank EVERYONE that came out and dealt with the heat in their outfits. We're just getting back into contests, so sorry if things were a little mixed up (schedule-wise) on Saturday. I always try to get all you guys out early on Sunday but the Hawaiians/Polynesians slowed things down (traffic), that's why the cut on the teen and JR contests.

Thank you once again!!!!

FYI - the next 3 powwows ARE CONTESTS as well despite what you've heard.

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