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Yeah books for quillwork can actually be kind of confusing. But.. I do have somewhat of a solution. I do have some books, I'll look through them, maybe scan them or photograph them and upload some of the basics here.. I have a bad memory.. lmao so you may have to PM me or remind me. Anyways, the best thing is to find someone who knows how to do quillwork, and sit down with them and learn the whole thing.

I learned from pulling quills of the porcupine, washing them, rinsing, dying them, sorting them, etc.. to how to wrap, how to embroider them.. etc.

Once you learn the basics, you will appreciated it more I think.

But all in all nothing replaces someone actually teaching you what they learned. It makes the experience alot smoother and also questions can be answered right then and there.

Too bad your not back in South Dakota, or I could show you myself, or in fact get you in touch with my Instructor, who has no problem at all passing down this fine art.

All in all good luck! I need to start getting to work on my next quill project. Just have to gather some quills.
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