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Originally Posted by Okwataga View Post
pappyroach you talk about walmart needing maturity, when you just mention that come next week the rants and raves will have a lot of comments in there!!! you know those aren't going to be mature at all!!!!

like you said anyone can come on here and say whatever, and you don't have to read it

he came on here and said what he wanted to and you get snippy to him???!!!

If what Diamond did was so important, why did legend not go talk to Diamond????? get it settled then and there???

The true question is if Diamond Brown Jr had issues to begin with, why did he not handle it in a private manner??? He wants to sit there and embarrass himself, the tribe, the Cherokee people, the Veterans, the Tsalagi Warriors and others yet I am suppose to go to HIM if I have issues with this?? HELL NO ... I am going to embarrass him the same way he did others that day. I am tired of him and his ramblings. I am tired of how he speaks to others, I am tired of him acting holier than thou and so why not bring it out in the public? He showed his true self that day, give a fool enough rope and he WILL hang himself. I too wrote into Joe Martin in hopes he will publish it all. Let the man be known for who he really is. He has hurt way to many people and the table is now turned. He has no one to blame but himself and that middle finger he seems to be so proud of. I can only hope that other tribal members see what a *** he has made of himself and of the Cherokee people. Some spokesman huh?
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