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This is just another tactic by white authority figures to degrade and ultimately destroy our ways and make us "good americans" by forced assimilation through policy. I find it interesting that they attempt to force what they call "Native American spirituality" or "Native American Religion" into their framework as well and try to [I]define[I] "It" as either organized religion or break it down into "religious tenets." We all know that this is impossible because there are so many tribal ways. They cannot easily reduce it to just one religion, and that is part of their problem (THEIR problem, not ours)--it complicates things for them and makes them want to call us the "indian problem" once again, as is historically documented. Long hair for a majority of Native peoples is the norm and does have ties to religious beliefs--they should just accept it and not try to "understand" it (again, another historical error being replayed). If it was me, I would fight too, and move if I had to--no one is forcing my son to cut his hair or to conform or assimilate! NATIVE POWER! BE PROUD!
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