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Winnerz List from Mt. Pleasant

Jr. Boys Traditional
1st: Talon White-Eye
2nd: Donovan Chee
3rd: Ta-Koma King
4th: Donovan Collins

Jr. Boys Grass
1st: Jakobi Omeasoo
2nd: Darnell Chee
3rd: Gavin White-Eye
4th: Wambdi Clairmont

Jr. Boys Fancy
1st: Angel Bullock
2nd: T.J. Clairmont
3rd: Wayne Silas III
4th: Calvin Ballew

Jr. Girls Traditional
1st: Aerius Phoenix Benton
2nd: Tara Fiddler
3rd: Marissa Fernandez
4th: Madeline Douglas

Jr. Girls Jingle
1st: Oskate Win OneStar
2nd: Tanisha Beetso
3rd: Dajia Shinos
4th: Raena Lasley

Jr. Girls Fancy
1st: Beedoskah Stonefish
2nd: Oke-Tisha Roberts
3rd: Tavian Lasley
4th: Kaitlyn Douglas

Teen Boys Traditional
1st: Brandon Fones
2nd: Nodin Cottrelle
3rd: Jaime Begay
4th: Austin Benton

Teen Boys Grass
1st: Peanutt Roberts
2nd: Trey Two-Fox Bullock
3rd: Buster Benton
4th: Zachary Platero

Teen Boys Fancy
1st: Courage Bear Cleveland
2nd: Jo-Jo Maness
3rd: Tony Klein
4th: Naanan Williams

Teen Girls Traditional
1st: Charish Marie Toehay
2nd: Jasmine Fiddler
3rd: Cecilia Hill
4th: Janelle Chee

Teen Girls Jingle
1st: Denette Chee
2nd: Shay Desrosiers
3rd: Shay Schuyler
4th: Cheyenne Petoskey

Teen Girls Fancy
1st: Keya Clairmont
2nd: Nyomi Cleveland
3rd: Lacey Rae Fiddler
4th: Kinew Desrosiers

Jr. Adult Men's Traditional
1st: Novi Smith
2nd: Will Hedgepeth
3rd: Matthew Isaac
4th: Kenny Donaghey
5th: Samuel Begay IV

Jr. Adult Men's Grass
1st: Wambli Charging Eagle
2nd: Lakota Clairmont
3rd: Gentry St. Cyr
4th: Josh Richardson
5th: Johnathan Johnson

Jr. Adult Men's Fancy
1st: Wayne Silas Jr.
2nd: Thunder Lovett
3rd: Eric Bird
4th: Gabe Bullock
5th: Quanah Henry

Jr. Adult Women's Traditional
1st: Sherisse McKay
2nd: Challis Isaac
3rd: Alva Fiddler
4th: Cheyenne Fiddler
5th: Danielle Benton

Jr. Adult Women's Jingle
1st: Leah Omeasoo Syrette
2nd: Rowena Roberts
3rd: Nitanis Kit Landry
4th: Jackie Klein
5th: Kiva Trujillo

Jr. Adult Women's Fancy
1st: Tanksi Clairmont
2nd: Star Lasley
3rd: Rose Track
4th: Danielle Stanley
5th: Gunya Cornelius

Sr. Adult Men's Traditional
1st: Will Tushka
2nd: R.J. Smith
3rd: Edmond Navaquaya
4th: Ken Funmaker Jr.
5th: Thomas GoodEagle

Sr. Adult Men's Grass
1st: Ronnie Preston
2nd: Dale Roberts
3rd: Calvin Hill
4th: Gary Martine
5th: Michael Willis

Sr. Adult Men's Fancy
1st: Tom Snowball
2nd: Jerry Cleveland Jr.
3rd: Daniel Tramper
4th: Joe Bointy
5th: Jason Whitehouse

Sr. Adult Women's Traditional
1st: Kellie Mae Downwind
2nd: Angela Hindsley
3rd: Delaine Alley-Snowball
4th: Ruby McArthur
5th: Monica Raphael

Sr. Adult Women's Jingle
1st: Diane Desrosiers
2nd: Sharon Fineday
3rd: Yvette GoodEagle
4th: Glenda Begay
5th: Lisa Williams

Sr. Adult Women's Fancy
1st: Shelly Eagleman-Bointy
2nd: Becky Hawpetoss
3rd: Celina Cada-Matasawagon
4th: Michelle Willis
5th: Barbara Whitehead O'Rourke

Golden Age Men
1st: Terry Fiddler
2nd: Apensanah Kwat
3rd: Badger Wahwasuck
4th: Bnaaswi Biiaswah
5th: Mike King

Golden Age Women
1st: Carmen Clairmont
2nd: Oralann Cladwell
3rd: Andrea St. John
4th: Debbie Plain
5th: Debbie Klein

Platinum Age Men
1st: Herman Logan
2nd: Thomas Spicer
3rd: Eddie Benton-Banai
4th: Ted White Sr.
5th: Albany Potts Jr.

Platinum Age Women
1st: Claudia Brown Spicer
2nd: Dolores GoodEagle
3rd: Joann Whitehouse
4th: Pat Logan
5th: Rev. Evelyn White-Eye

Drum Contest
1st: Battle River
2nd: White Tail
3rd: Stoney Creek
4th: Tha Tribe
5th: Eagle Flight
6th: Buffalo Horse
7th: Elk Soldier
None Placing Drums Included: Southern Gunz, River Wild, Northern Bear, and Little Thunder

Jingle Side-Step Special
1st: Leah Omeasoo Syrette
2nd: Paula Hedgepeth
3rd: Diane Desrosiers

2-Step Special
1st: Carmen and Lakota Clairmont
2nd: Rose Track and Wayne Silas Jr.
3rd: Tish and Moo Roberts

Old-Style Grass Special
1st: Lakota Clairmont
2nd: Wambli Charging Eagle
3rd: Ronnie Preston

Hand Drum Special
1st: Bear Creek
2nd: Pipestone
3rd: Eagle Flight

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