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Jr Girls
1st - Seven BigMountain
2nd - Kiana LeBeau
3rd - Kaitlyn Ferreira

JR Boys
1st - Dylan Harris
2nd - Leroy Araujo
3rd - Sima BigMountain

Teen Women's Tradish
1st - Haley Dawson

Teen Women's Jingle
1st - Josie RedWing
2nd - Hailey-Jade Araujo

Teen Women's Fancy
1st - Wynona Swift
2nd - Jenay Colon
3rd - Melody RedWing

Teen Men's Tradish
1st - Garry Meeches Jr

Teen Men's Grass
1st - Dustin BigMountain
2nd - Duncan Munson
3rd - Milo Ahenakew

Teens Men's Fancy
1st - Hassan Ridgeway
2nd - Sherman Addi

Women's Tradish
1st - Erin Meeches
2nd - Dawnita Neconie
3rd - Shawndae Sharpe
4th - Mary Phillips

Women's Jingle
1st - Katrina Fisher
2nd - Mary Ahenakew
3rd - Liz Charlebois
4th - Carolyn Lewis

Women's Fancy
1st - Katy Issenock
2nd - Naomi Powless
3rd - Naomi Bebo

Men's Northern Tradish
1st - Larry Ahenakew
2nd - Desy Rios
3rd - John Pingree
4th - Hector LeBeau

Men's Southern Tradish
1st - Pete Neconie
2nd - Paige Burgess
3rd - James BigMountain
4th - Dan Addi

Men's Grass
1st - Keith Sharphead
2nd - Otter BigMountain
3rd - Alex Loeb

Men's Fancy
1st - Josh Hill
2nd - Jay Hill

Women's Smoke Special
1st - Naomi Powless
2nd - Autumn Crouse
3rd - Seven BigMountain

Men's Smoke Special
1st - Mickey Sickles
2nd - Dylan Harris
3rd - Dustin BigMountain

Potato Two Step
Erin Meeches & Dan Addi

Thank you to ALL that came and danced hard. Thank you for bearing with the rain and the muddy puddles. Thank you to John Block, Iron River, BlackBear, Erin Meeches, John Pingree, Naomi Powless and Jay Hill.

See you @ FDR (Sept 27-28)

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