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Originally Posted by luvstraightdancrs View Post
This is how the thread started.........

I responded to the Juquian reference. We know the him and the family. We know the tribes he comes from. Although it looks keen, doesn't mean that you automatically have the right to wear these things. There are some of us, whites and indians, that believe that there are some things you are entitled to and others that you are not.....just like wearing medals........Just because you like it, doesn't mean it is okay. And by the way, I personally like the guy, just don't like the bear claws and roach/turban thing. But those are my tastes and beliefs.

Why not be be who you are and take care of things in a respectful your way and follow those ways.

The key is to be respectful, to learn the ways and to take care of it.....
Luvs, you know I can't agree with you more. I sit back and watch these contemporary straight dancers and scratch my head. We've had our straight dance forever and hold it in the highest esteem, including the men that keep our dances and drums in place without much change.

What is the deal with an otter cap/roach combo and bear claw necklaces? It seems to be all about the money, the contest, the latest fashion statement. These guys need to get back to their tribal dances and back to basics, be humble. The problem is they don't. They are on the powwow trail and just out to "out do" each other. Where I come from, not just anyone can wear the bear claw or otter cap. I think that is what is so offensive and annoying. I'm all for encouraging young people to be dressed and dance, but please uphold our old ways and don't put your wallet in front of respect and what is right.
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