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Originally Posted by skybird5 View Post
Well then maybe your "MAN" and his drum group didn't place as high as you or they would have liked!!! LOL. Get over it, you're bitter and nasty and we're all tired of it!!
There has to be something better to talk about than one person's idea of what's "classy"!!!
Why don't you take the criticism and learn from it instead of continuing to right your wrong? The bottom line is that anyone with has WAYS would know that galavanting around an arena in short shorts in inappropriate, especially being on the committee! To be perfectly honest, you probably shouldn't leave your house in shorts, they just don't work for you! LMAO! I've read many of your posts throughout the last few years and you have a tendency to criticise powwows and people yet you can't handle it when the focus is on you. I'm not surprised since you truly believe you are all knowing about powwows and protocol. But guess what, you ask any elder and they will tell you the same thing.

I'm done posting about this craziness. I can't wait to see what you wear at San Manuel. Hopefully, you will heed the advice and wear something more appropriate.
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