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[QUOTE=skybird5;1219462]That's correct. There was no tabulation error. I didn't really feel like I had to justify LAOKIE's fake complaints about my tabulating, since I knew I didn't make a mistake. There were only 5 dancers in that category when Alendra first registered, then she Re-registered a second time with a different name, she placed 5th by default, yes she had NO contest points, but in the childrens categories some dancers NEVER get contest points and they still place. And since I tabulate using only DANCERS NUMBERS and not their names, I had no idea it was the same person. And I dont know the girl or her family or her nickname, no one in tabulation or registration does, so how would we know that she registered twice. Had she just come up to registration and said, Someone registered me in cloth, I should be in buckskin, we would have changed it.

Oh but I beg to differ! It is a tabulation can a contestant who signed up for a contest but NEVER danced in that contest, NEVER came into Grand Entry with that particular #, probably NEVER even danced with that number all weekend....still win?? Regardless of how many are in a contest and how many places are being paid....if you don't dance in a can you place???? That just doesn't make sense! Just because they are paying 5 places and there were only 5 dancers does not make everyone a winner IF everyone didn't contest. YOU GOTTA DANCE IN A CONTEST IN ORDER TO WIN IN A CONTEST! At least, that's the way it use to be! Guess your crew has it's own rules?? Obviously if they were paying 5 places and there were 5 dancers signed up, but 1 didn't dance in that contest, so that leaves 4, wouldn't you question what happened to the other dancer? How come her number wasn't on those tabulating slips? It couldn't have been....she didn't you just throw that # in there for 5th anyway?? Nooooo, that # should have been disqualified and only 4 winners paid. So you mean I can just sign up my kid or grandkid for a contest and regardless of whether they even dance at all that weekend they can still win!!?? I just gotta check and see which contest has the least amount of dancers in them?? Hmmmmmm.........are you tabulators at San Manuel too? And we're not talking about the "childrens category" here, we're talking teen category, BIG difference.
Good thing I'm an honest person and wouldn't do that....or teach my children to even THINK of doing that. It just doesn't make sense.

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