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check it at the door...

Good topic. Some comments from the peanut gallery (northern singer in southern forum)

I also was taught to leave those negative feelings behind when you come sit at the drum. But also like Glenda Z said, when you're done, if you want to pick those feelings back up again, that's your choice.

In addition to that, I was told it was possible that through singing you could get rid of those negative feelings. Who doesn't feel better after putting everything you got into the drum? Even just practicing, it's a good feeling.

I hesitate to get too "sacred" but this one singer demonstrated to us his way of freeing himself up- it involved a certain teaching and he had devised his own method or process based on that teaching. It was something you do before you even come sit down and it was very simple but very useful to him. It's tough because some times you do have other guys bringing in their own baggage. If the feeling is not right I always blame it on one of the other guys being on their moon LOL

The worst kerfuffle I saw was 2 guys sitting next to each other almost come to blows. Head singer said hey hold on take it easy now, take a little break so everybody went for a smoke break and those 2 didn't come back. Then another time there was a couple guys who wanted to sing a different song than what we had ready. Lead singer comes back and they suggest their song and eventually they are arguing about which song we'll sing, which song sucks, etc. Mutiny! The lead singer finally says go ahead and sing it, which we did, half-arsed cuz we all didn't know the song.
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