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Originally Posted by sltate View Post
My father ran Stroud Pow Wow for several years, and my grand parents ran it before him as well as sat on the board of several large oklahoma pow wows as charter members. When asked this question, he stated"as a committee, you set your schedule in advance, then you hire an arena director to implement that schedule therefore he is in charge of all that takes place in the arena. Its out of your hands unless its a major decision that he feels he wants your support. The MC follows the direction of the arena director. Thats what hes hired for,to run your arena and handle any and all questions, requests, and problems that come up. That is why you hire a dependable, knowledgeable, and strong minded person to handle your arena. He will keep order and also see to it that things run smoothly and in a timely manner with the least amount of drama" so, if you are having problems in this area, its because you either hired the wrong person or too many people trying to be the boss and in that case they need to be told their positions and their duties. The arena and all that goes all inside belong to the arena director.

I couldn't agree more. The AD is the most important person on the headstaff. Not everyone can be an AD, that's for sure. Thanks SLTate.
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