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well good points brownie all these groups mentioned are good they sound not going to put them down ive been asked to sing with all of them and have.but what was said about singing out at the middle does it account for anything?or if you have been doing this your hole life does that ? those are good questions.lets see well i know out of the above mentioned the only two ive ever seen out at the center drum is arlen and frank,as far as curt goes he might have went out there a couple of times but not enough to say he has once or twice maybee,but i know he has been powwowin hes hole life,and arlen just started maybee 15 years ago maybee longer,but his family has always gone and been there,those are questions that are hard to answer,i mean all of these southern drums have been there in one way or another(members of them i mean),so i dont see way people feel they should be judging them or putting them down.people will always talk behind one and others back it might not be bad nessesarly but it happens and theres always someone who thinks they know ya please tell your relitives and your friends that have drum groups to keep goin,but remeber where you come from too,go help out in the middle when your at home.when your at big powwows sing with your groups,cause thats the only way your gonna sing at most big dances,theres nothing wrong with drum groups we have to adapt to the big dances too if you want to go,but like i said remember where u are from and sing there too.
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