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yeah, or how about beaded Christmas ornaments? (if you really want to mix it up! Native Victorian ornaments for a Euro-Christian holiday! lol) You can get plain glass ones, or the silky round cloth covered kind, and bead over it, like a netting, in nice colors, and then a tassle at the bottom of looped strands of beads. You could do it quick, I think. If you use clear glass ones you can put something inside them too (even tinsel or something, or a crumpled wad of that thicker, tinsel-like stuff you can get to put in gift-bags, you know the stuff I mean?)

I'm thinking of "crafty" stuff like that, not nice works of art, due to the time constraints!

what about - you can buy a little cloth-covered box at the craft store (or an uncovered paper mache or wood one and then cover it yourself) for just a couple bucks - one with a lid. You can then either do a beaded panel that you can then attach to the lid of the box, or do an appliqued net-like pattern across the top and/or sides. To applique at all, even just to anchor the crossing points, the cloth cover would have to be padded a bit, not glued straight to the surface. If you get a pre-made box (look at sewing supply areas of the craft store too) it would save time.
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