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Originally Posted by ajibik View Post
Early reports of the registration (at approximately 6PM) were unfavorable. I was phoned at work and told that the committee allowed the first 16 drums ONLY to set up, and that they were treating the singers rather harshly (i.e. telling them that the had too many singers, being very bossy, etc.). Jeez, it's Glendale stadium...they should have MORE than enough room to allow EVERYBODY's drums to set up!

Likewise, due to a computer glitch, all the dancer registrations that were faxed into the committee were unavailable, creating a long like of cranky dancers to register.

I was also told that some of the staff were rather rude to the singers as well.

FYI: for those singers/dancers who don't look Indian enough to the commitee, bring your tribal ID or a CDIB.

I'm goin' up with the Rez Riders Tomorrow (about 100 bikes) and I hope things are going a little smoother tomorrow.

I'm going to support my son dancing.
That is too much that only 16 drums were allowed to set up. What would have been the problem in moving the chairs out to allow for more of them? People traveled many miles, spent money to get there and then were unwelcomed? I'm glad I stayed home!
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