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On behalf of my drum...

I rarely come on here, usually just check out pow wow information and threads but I had to respond to respond to this fool's thread that he has started, it's obvious that he has alot to learn about pow wows, southern style singing and respect for others. To all those including family, fellow singers, etc...thank you for standing up for us thus far even though I/Eagle Flight hasn't been on here to see this until now! hi-hi, chi-meegwetch!

To the person who started this thread, YOUR right, I don't know who you are. So why do you think it's OK to come on a PUBLIC POW WOW sight to bash my drum and our reputation without knowing me or my group? To me, you sound like your upset because your "wanna-be" southern group didn't place in the drum contest or because I'm about to call you on your whiney BS! This is what I'll make clear not to justify anything but to make clear that I/Eagle Flight doesn't put up with anybody's disrespect, especially if they are just assuming. We are not "BIG TIME" in the pow wow world but have earned the respect/friendship of most of the big time drum groups and singers over the past 20 years or so. We've been taught to be very humble as singers and learned more from those who have been the same way around their drums.

-Was this drum contest important to your or not? It was a small prize board and the rules stated "No drum hopping". For your own protection of points, you were turned away because we did not finish judging yet. YOU DID try to slide in a chair after half a verse, YOU DID NOT ask to sit down and YOU DID not know us. Wether the song was Cozad or not, I learned if from R.G. Harris of Rose Hill back when I sang with him in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1992/93 along with the Haystack Singers. My group and I only sing our songs or songs that we've been given permission to sing over the years.

-Without additional honourarium, we agreed to run this drum contest for Dartmouth College. We made a simple yet fair ballot and we DID not deduct points from your drum for that dancer you had singing. After you were done singing that song though, another one was requested from you lack of experience for the song requested. It would purely be your dancer's choice where to get his point as well. Sing or Dance?

I too have sung with the best of them at one time or another. Besides learning and singing with my dad, my highest and most memorable honor was being able to sing/talk with the late great Billy Baker of Mandaree. Sang with the likes of Opie Day and he has sat with us too, Terry Paskemin, Algin Scabbyrobe, Danny Seaboy, Seymore Eagle Speaker, Ted and Ron Noon, Bear Creek Boys, Whitetail Cree, Haystack, Mandaree past/present, Mystic River past/present and alot of other great people in pow wow country.

My name is Vydel Nicotine Sands and I don't think I've ever personally offended you because I never met you, just seen you at this pow wow. Now you know me and it be much appreciated if you kept your "sour grapes" attitude to yourself or man up and talk to me in person next time. You've just embarresed yourself on here and I am very much about protecting my family and drum group. You are very lucky, other singers would not be as nice as this because you would get *****-slapped. I've learned alot of things the hard way myself with singing when I was younger but it has taught me to be respectful and to not put up with dis-respect.

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