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Women Gourd Dancing

i have seen this issue addressed recently in dances out this way, and for those of us who have been brought up in these dancing ways, we are taught to have a certain respect for our NATIVE ways. I am a man, and i do what men do. I sit at the drum, i dance the way men dance. because i have that respect. I am not saying that i would dance womans dance.
Now this issue of women ACTUALLY dancing gourd dance has been confronted out here. There have been women who have come out into the arena DEMANDING to be honored. PUSHING into the arena.
This way that they are acting is so WHITE. So totally alien to native thought patterns.
Now these women who want to gourd dance need to (FIRST) calm down before they go charging into a gourd dance armed with a gourd and the dance regalia. because that will just get them and the male dancers angry.
I myself have gotten up and left a gourd dance because a woman did this.
For the most part out here women veterans ARE honored for thier contributions to the defense of the country, but they still dance the way women dance. This is the way gourd dance is done.
If the women veterans want to dance gourd, then let them, but first they must form their own society and make their own rules.
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