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OL Chemist, thank you for your kind and thoughtful response. Yes, the 3 of us who were ‘scouts’ did leave and sadly the other 6 elected not to attend the next day, even thought they had driven from Atlanta to do so.

Those who drove from Atlanta to TN would shutter that you take them for Wiccan! Although raised in the southern Christian faith, I have studied the Zuni cosmology to Buddhism, Hindusim, Muslim, Theology, as well as Mayan healing beliefs. And I have studied Gnostics and Wiccan beliefs. I simply consider myself a non atheist. And I am good with ‘Creator’ as it can’t be so without both the male and female. In a scientific perspective, I guess you have the stuff that went bang and that which made it do so.

There were 3 of us (one Catholic, one atheist, and one spiritualist) and we all took offense at being PREACHED AT ~ NOT WITH A PRAYER. Of the 5 others who elected not to pay entry fees or possibly make purchases from vendors or pick up on a tad amount of Indigenous American culture, there was a Jew, a Catholic, an atheist, and 2 unknowns.

I suggested that we avoid the Grand Entry and just go for the drumming, singing and dancing. But to those who had never been to a Powwow it seemed more like an ‘Indian Festival’ after hearing about the country music, preaching and seeming lake of deep cultural involvement and Native American youth. For some the country music was enough to turn them away. I guess they felt like they were comfortable were they were and did not need to spend the money and effort to experience things they would normally avoid.

I think this is the point many are missing when they say just go with the flow and over look it and enjoy regardless. And I am trying to tell you that for many who have to do that in so much of there day to day life, why should they pay to do so on a week end. The point of going to something like a Powwow is to get away from being preached to and listening to the same ole music heard everywhere. There is lots of Native American music and it is not all flute music.

I would have put these remarks on the Powwow listing but as a newbie I am not allowed to do so and it would seem that me and my friends are the minority. But maybe it just seems that way ~ others just don’t make the effort to voice what I have.

Again the offense was not with a prayer ~ it was being preached to about how to have faith, about how to think and how to believe. It was with making an effort to drive 3.5 hours and have other drive 2 hours to attend an event that we had all hoped would have been more true to spirit. My most memorable life experiences have come about through what most Americans and Europeans would call prayer.

Here is the down deep thing that is the crux of it for me. I think of Powwows as a medium by which Ingenious Americans can reach out and try to reestablish for them selves and their children and all us Gringos that way of life that was so nature focused that allowed thousands of tribes to live on this continent for thousands of years without the destruction of it. It was a SUSTAINABLE way of living in that it respected Gaia.

By the way, Gaia is a Greek word for Earth of its cosmos out of chaos ~ the Greeks have nothing to do with Wiccan practices.

I would hope that Powwows would attempt to focus on the Powhattans or the ancient cultures spiritual way of life, rather than the European religions. Mother Earth needs to be less dominated and respected more for just being a living breathing thing that can be killed. What happened to those Native American efforts to bring awareness to this fact?
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