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OL Chemist, is it fair of you to paint me as a Lola Granola, anti Christian, European because I voiced my disappointment with the differences of the first Powwow I have been able to attend in the SE after growing to enjoy those I had attended 7 years previously in Colorado.

OL, I did have an expectation and it was of those Powwows I had attended at the field house in Ft Carson; or Delta CO; or the public site set aside for Powwows north of Castle Rock; or at the Denver Arena. I expected there to be a difference so I emailed the representative and called the person she suggested. In both cases I was told to expect it to be much better: “It will knock your socks off”, “We do all those dances and more”.

It wasn’t until I posted my question here that I was told that a Powwow is not a ‘spiritual event’. This is your perspective. The ones I attended in Colorado were indeed spiritual for me, as I believe they were to the majority of those who attended and participated.

For the last 6 years I have listened to the Garifuna on Roatan drum and sing and dance and blow the conch ~ when you hear this during a storm that has knocked out the electricity and is making the palms bow, it is spiritual! It was so for me because it connected me in a very small but real way to the ancestors of those people and what they found their strength in. I think it does them as well. They too are Christian, but they leave it aside while they become grass roots African again. Kiyaanii, I think I have respect for things that are different, otherwise I would not have elected to live in a place so very different that many of your could not imagine just how different it is.

Many of you have made the assumption that I am not an Indigenous American! And it seems to have been done so more from my beliefs, than from blood. Yes, I called myself a Gringa, because I have lived in Honduras for the last 6 years and that is what I was to Honduranos . Now I find my time better spent on trying to help them in their battle against US interference in their democracy than trying to discuss a misunderstood Native American experience.

I am real sorry that I upset you with my inability to respectfully explain and my misunderstanding of your sensitivities.

Lastly, Kiyaanii mom, we waited until the PRECHING had ended; the staff was planted and the Grand Entry Entourage had exited the circle before we walked out.

I appreciate all the consideration all of you have give me and my ideas.

Oh, the private message did not come through on my machine because of my pop up blockers.
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