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Tiny Tot Dancer, thank you for being kind and asking me about my spiritual ‘feelings’ ~ I think of ‘spiritual’ being more of a ‘feeling’ than a ‘thinking’. Do you agree?

I know they were contest dances. I think of the contest part of it as a motivator ~ especially for young people. But I saw and sensed how the drums and singing and dancing is an experience of the soul ~ it is an experience of the soul for me. The sound of the drums is primal ~ just like the Garifuna’s drums are primal, especially during a tropical storm. I imagined how it was for them prior to the arrival of electricity on the island and the gathering was around a fire. I think that is probably how it was for them when they got together on the beach by their village, even today since the electricity is off a lot on Roatan.

You ask me this question and I have to ask my self what is a spiritual feeling anyway. I feel so much life I think I will burst and with it is a deep love. I have to remind myself to breath. My heart skips beats and tears come to my eyes. What many readers here would call prayers, I call mediations ~ during these I sense my ancestors energy.

The sense of spirit had with it humility, pride, integrity, and family. People of all ages shared their individuality and seemed to delight in it. There were a lot of teens who participated in the dances which is absolutely wonderful!

I love to dance ~ I love music, especially if it has a beat ~ learned that from watching American Bandstand ~ joking. I watch the dancers in all of the dances and I see how their soul connects with it. My soul connects with my dancing ~ it is a connection to my primal self. Research has shown that the part of the brain located at its base (sorry I do not feel like running upstairs, finding the book and then finding the name of that particular part the brain or the name of the book). Anyway, the part of the brain that is activated in deep meditation and when the person feels they have taped the spirit is one that is this primal brain region. I think that the repetitive drum rhythms along with the dancing helps to achieve a spiritual experience that occurs in the most primal and oldest part of the brain. Okay, I gave a thinking explanation as well.

Does this differ from your spiritual feelings or what you think of as spiritual? Sorry it was not a quick answer ~ quick couldn’t do it justice

For those of you who see my question about preaching instead of prayer as being an attack on YOUR culture, all I can say is that I am really really sorry.
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