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In Mi'kmaq Country

I am a Two-Spirit, Here in Mi'kmaq Country, Most native Gay Lesbian, Bi, Trans peoples do not use the term Two-Spirited. Being Two-spirited is part of our precontact Mi'kmaq Religion, theres a silent taboo that Mi'kmaw GLBiTrans do not use that term unless the person has made a commitment to Native Spirituality, and to living a certain way, as there are arcane and protected Dances, Songs and Ceremonies exclusively for Two-Spirited Mi'kmaw, and Two-spirits were Ceremonial Leaders before contact. The last person i know of who was taught the Dance in my generation is Tuma Young from Eskasoni, as he wrote an extensive article in the Mi'kmaq Maliseet Newspaper on his journey. I myself was not given any Two-Spirited Teachings until i advanced on my path to the point i was attending Sweat-Lodges...
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