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hi, ya there is another term that seems to have been used for long time, Ji'numewesk, there are different variations of the word, but they mean the same thing, "He loves other men". this is the way i usually hear myself being referred too in Mi'kmaq. Two-Spirit as i said is usually not used, but i imagine there might be some young Mi'kmaw that have an affinity for it, but generally the older people use the term i just mentioned, and the very very few who have taken the Ceremonial Path prefer Two-Spirit. The Mi'kmaw Two-Spirited Class really went underground some say in the late 1800's, probably due to the priests influence, interestingly tho, most Mi'kmaw GBiTrans men leave the Rez when they turned adults, even today, for instance in Eskasoni where i live, the largest Mi'kmaq reserve, i was the only out man still living here for a long time, and this is of a community of 5000, now there are 3 of us who choose to stay, the rest always move away. where-as the Lesbians here always stayed, and even have been given houses, as often they have children early on before coming out
. i think the men leave because of homophobia, which runs rampant sometimes here, which is in stark contrast to the way we were revered before the priests came. in 30 years of research i cannot find one instance of "alternative gender" or "gender reversal" in traditional Mi'kmaq society, that wasn't our way, we were Spiritual Leaders instead. another interesting thing to note is that in all the groups and friends i have all over Mi'kmaq country i do not know of any Mi'kmaw man who is currently in relationship with another Mi'kmaw man, as far as i know they all have non-native partners...
now i must say i take exception to TKMJ's last post, it reminds me of my bigoted white friends who say its ok to call African descendants black but if they are from the ghetto or some other reason its ok to think of them or call them niggers, i suppose i should be glad hes not calling us fags....
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