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Angry 1 singer took first, 1 dancer took first. who's got more cash?


This thread is directed to all people on pow-wow committees around the great lakes, and to anyone who is interested as well. How come next to nobody reconizes singing around here as being 2 different styles? Contemp and straight. And for those who run the contests or those who will run them in the future, why are you not creating 2 seperate contests? For those of you who don't know, smoke dancing has took off around here big time, and more and more pow-wows are having them as a part of regular money contests. So no one can say having 2 singing contests is too difficult. The money could be raised. Pow-wows around here are so cheap when it comes to paying singers. Most dance contests have first places consisting of anywhere from 600-1000 dollars! Committees raise this kind of cash not to mention the places below that, for a total of 8 dance styles. Unbelieveble. And the average drum contest around here pays about 2000 for first, give or take a hundred. That is nothing when you split that up between 8-12 singers or depending on how many singers you have. this issue is ignored by the majority of pow-wow committees. Are they trying to say something about singers? That we aren't as talented as dancers, or we don't work as hard? I just want to know what makes us overlooked. Some "Dancer" walks away with a cool grand, and some singers are just having their expenses covered. Not to mention any family they might bring with them. I want to know what people think about these disrespectful acts, and if any "committee" people can answer this, I dare you. But in all probability they won't, cause deep down, everyone knows that the majority of people in committees can't even sing or dance. You know when people say you "can't have a pow-wow without singers or dancers", they don't know how true that is. Sometimes the tolerance practised by singers and dancers is the only thing that keeps some pow-wows together.

And to anybody that wants to reply with a "what ever happened to pow-wow just to pow-wow?" Or "Its not about the money!"
Don't even bother. That is not even the issue here.
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