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Sometimes you forget...............

-First of all, I want to say Hello to ALL! Some of you know me & some don't but Hello to ALL!!- Can I share something on my mind? Thanks ahead of time for allowing me to do so, and may everybody have a blessed year :)

Sometimes you forget the little things in life, but things that are important. Family, friends, loved ones, pets etc..

It's those things that make you happy, but you forgot..

It's those things that make you smile, but you forgot..

True happiness does not cost anything, but yet you spend money on things that you think make you happy.. It's the smiles you get from people, the phone calls you get, the msg's you get, little things that make you smile.

When was the last time you even called your Auntie or another love one, family, friend or even an enemy & told them you loved them??? I'm sure if you did you would bring a smile to their face, the same way you would smile if you got one- a smile, a phone call or a visit..

I don't know where this is coming from, maybe I'm sad, maybe it's because I'm sick & can't sleep..

If I ever caused harm or hurt somebody please forgive me, because I am sorry..

Sometimes we don't think about things that can hurt other people..
Yes nobody is perfect and trust me I'm far from it but I just lost sight for a lil bit.
Maybe it's because I saw the movie 2012 and then looked into the true facts of it that are public record from n.a.s.a. and see that something is really going to happen but don't know what..

Here I am trying to build an empire for myself, family and whoever else I want to share the spoils of it in the future or that I want to run it in the future and to think that it might all be coming to an end in 2 years, all that I have worked for..

Not only am I scared for myself but I'm scared for my Family, my friends, my loved ones, all animals.. I mean are we all going to suffer if the world comes to an end? Will there be riots, killings, robbery etc???

Like I said, I don't know where all this is coming from..

A tear from the eye
I try to relax
The emotion beats in my heart
Will all this just pass??

I want to say something to ALL, even if I don't know you.


Please forgive me for all my wrongs. I want to do right.

I'm Sorry..


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