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Re: rookie question

Originally posted by cherrymoonah
Hi, everyone! I hope you can help me out with a couple of questions I have. I'm a writer, doing a little research on jingle dresses for a story idea I had. I just wanted to clarify - the cones on your dresses - what are appropriate things to make them out of? I've heard snuff can lids, (though how many of those can a person collect these days?) plain tin, soup can lids, baking powder tin lids. Is there anything that would be inappropriate?

Would you ever lend someone your dress to wear? Or is there so much effort involved in making the dresses that it's not common to do that?

Is there a standard number of jingles, or rows of jingles on the dress?

Any info you can give me would be deeply appreciated! Thanks a million.

Well, lets see, there are lots of different kinds of snuff lids you can use, you can check out the closed threads for the polls on what the dancers on this website like to use. Some people also use tin roofing materials. Most of your questions can be answered if you go to the closed threads part of the website and take your time checking it all out. There is not really a standard for the number of rows, most dancers will just make sure they have enough rows for the length of their dress. I cannot say I am the know-all and end-all for jingling info, but there are also some beliefs that dresses should have a certain number of rows, and you can find that in the closed threads as well. The standard amount of jingles used to be 365 (or 366, one for each day of the year and plus one for yourself), but like I said before with the rows, it really depends on how much your dress requires depending on length, size, etc. I cant imagine any dancers using soup can lids or baking tin lids, it's mostly the snuff lids as mentioned before.

Now, personally, I dont lend my dresses out usually, unless they are close family friends or family members. But everyone is different as well. I have borrowed a friend's dress before but I think it's all based on your own personal feelings on it.

Just my two cents.

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