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Acquiring drums

Here's a topic that I don't think has been covered.

Where did many of you singers acquire your drums? Sometimes drums are gifted, sometimes purchased, sometimes a drumgroup will tie their own drums, and sometimes drums are passed from generation to generation.

(I hope this discussion doesn't tick anyone off because some people have the belief that drums are only to be made by people who have "earned the right" to do so. . . Different people have different beliefs, so don't go whizzin' up each others' legs.)

Anyway, the drumgroup I belong to started out with a "loaner" drum. We later tied our own drum with a moosehide that was given to us (on a purchased core). Later, because of age, we recoverd it with an elkhide - it now has a nice "oldschool Lakota" ping to it. We recently tied a new drum with buffalohide on a core I made a few years back. It has a real nice deep sound and the buffalo hide has a nice mottled look to it.

Anyhoo, how 'bout ya'alls? How did you folks acquire your drums? If the maker of the drum did a nice job, by all means, give him some credit, too!
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