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1. Ideally, you should practice before coming out to the drum because keeping an even drumbeat is key to creating good music!
2. The "Rule of Thumb" is to keep your drumstick
even or less than the song leader and on the same beat as him. Your drumstick shouldn't be higher or more than his. Harmony is the goal. Even if there are 12 drummers, it should sound as one. It's like playing "Follow the Leader".
3. When drumming for War Dance/Inter-Tribal, the 3 beats in the middle of the song should be kept even as well. Those 3 beats shouldn't be be rushed through or slowed up. They should be kept even and smooth along with the rest of the drumming for that song.
4. War Dance/Inter-Tribal songs have a 'straight' beat. Most other songs, sung socially, have a 'double-beat'. It's important to keep the two separate. For example, you wouldn't sing a War Dance song with a round dance or 'double-beat' style of drumming. Nor should you sing a round dance song with a War Dance or 'straight' style of drumbeat.
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