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Our Drum groups Rhyming is world Renound
if you havent heard it youre missing the sound

Soopa Soopa thanks so very much
Men do all the hard work and such
Cant believe you hauled it out
and cleaned off all the grout

Maybe if you had kept your eyes on the road
You wouldnt have sunk our traveling Abode
But since it was you, fished it out
no more griping and no more pout

Ill throw down first round of gas
To drive around this delequent mass

Well Story ol Girl how do yah do!
Its been fifty years since ive seen you
are you still in land of erin?
Speak up cant hear you over music blarin

When you are back in one state over
can i come visit and play in the clover?
In case you didnt know im unemployed
and without you my life is just void!

So seeing as i have a bag full of goodies
and i brought several extra hoodies
Lets start this baby right on up
may be an old dog but acts like a pup

Grits and Beans you should sit back here with me!
Garuntee my singing doesnt sound like glee
And if' i shood get on your nerves
Just hollah at soopa to start with the swerves
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