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Light Bulb Law Suggestions: A Message from the Eagles

Now that our federal government has mandated the use of those new Low-Wattage Use minni Coil-Type Light Bulbs throughout our country, I feel it is time to Stand Up as a member of the Native American community and Speak for Our Grandchildren.
It is my understanding that these coil-type bulbs contain a Mercury Vapor, similar to other fluorescent light bulbs. We have known since 1959, through Rachel Carsons' [U]Silent Spring[U], that Heavy Metals such as Mercury and Lead will cause Reproductive Harm, Birth Defects, and Cellular Damage, even as far down as the Chromosomal Level. We also know that these Toxins do not degrade; but instead Accumulate, and eventually percolate down through the soil, where they contaminate the Aquifer, the source of our Drinking Water, as well as all the water we use to Irrigate our Food Crops. Extend the contamination to our Public and Personal Landscapes such as Lawns, Golf Courses, and Public Spaces, and soon there is no Healthy Land to Live On.
What We Learned back in 1959, was that this Contaminated Water Directly Impacts the Food Chain. The tiny organisms that are food for small fish, are each slightly poisoned, and the Poisons Accumulate in the bodies of the small fish. These small fish are in turn eaten by Turtles, Birds like the King Fisher and Heron, and especially Larger Fish like Panfish, Bass, and Salmon, which All become Increasingly Poisoned, having eaten proportionately more contaminated food. Soon, we saw the impact directly, when Eagles Feeding on Salmon produced eggs without enough thickness to their shells, causing them to crack under their own weight. The Eagle Chicks never were born; and the accumulation of persistant contaminants like DDT and Mercury in the Food Chain Was The Cause.
Now I ask myself, Will a Native American Not Listen to a Message from the Eagles?
I propose a few Law Suggestions Regarding Light Bulbs. I also humbly encourage any of my Native Cousins to Asist.
First: Since we must use these bulbs, this Mercury Content Must be Safely Contained. We have the technical ability to produce a light bulb with a DOUBLE COVER; and this second (outer) bulb cover can be used to modify or filter the light, giving us our desired light quality, whether "Natural Daylight", "Soft White", or "Reveal". I propose that As Consumers, we Insist on such a Secondary Containment System. I cannot believe that our federal government will permit widespread mercury contamination, once they understand We will Not Accept it Into Our Homes Or Businesses.
Second: To Ensure that Safety Levels are Adequate, These Bulbs MUST be Manufactured in the U.S.A. We have all seen repeated Violations of Safety Standards in products from Overseas. There is plenty of information about Childrens Toys painted with Lead Paint. How did this Poisoning occur? The products were not produced Here, where we Mandate Safety Standards. There is No More Time to Waste on this issue. All Americans MUST be protected from this imminent Environmental Disaster.
So, which Light Bulb Company will we Stand Behind? The One who protects our Land, Food Supply, and Homes. I am sure that there are also Many Americans who will Appreciate the Jobs that Manufacturers inside the U.S.A. could create.
There are so many places where we can Stand Up On This Issue. I enjoy eating healthy, un-contaminated food. I like to Fish, because I like to Eat fish. I want my grandchildren to be born healthy, have healthy food, healthy places to live in, and to be able to go fishing and to Eat the Fish they catch. We must not permit the contamination of our homes and land, and suffer the extended health hazards of Mercury Poisoning, simply by overlooking one responsability we have to future generations.
Migwetch to my Native Cousins, for thinking on this, and Greater Thanks to Our Creator, for this Message from the Eagles.

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