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Marriage in a Jingle dress??

Boozhoo Everyone!!!! I have a question that I would like some HONEST opinion on. I am getting married soon to a Kiowa man. In the past few weeks, we have been discussing our wedding. One of the things that have come up was what we are going to wear(we are very simple people....not into the whole 10,000 dollar dress deal). What I mentioned, was getting married in one of my jingle dresses, if not a new one and have it feasted the night before the wedding. explain my reasoning on this is because I have been a jingle dress dancer since I could walk. Being a jingle dress dancer has been a large part of who I am. my feeling on it is that I value the jingle dress so much, I want to wear it the day that my life is going to change forever. I also see it as since it is a large part of me, my fiance' is accepting that part of my life as well(which he has always done). But for some is very important to me to do this. ANd i am not doing it cuz it would look cool or anything like that. It would be a SIMPLE OL"STYLE jingle dress....which once part of who I am(Ol style dancer...and SIMPLE)
What is your opinion on this? would it be too much? do you think a jingle dress should be used in a ceremony like that based on what I explained? Just want the opinion from fellow jingle dress dancers...would you ever even consider seeing something like that or doing it if it means that much to you?/
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