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I posted in another thread too prior to seeing this one, so I apologize for the double post here. Admin, please delete the other if appropriate. I see this is the better string.

Just joined the forum today after investigating the term "Black Irish" on the net and reading about the link to the "Black Dutch". Needless to say, I was shocked about the implications with what I read. The possibility of a Native American heritage has never crossed my mind. I guess you learn something new every day, and this has been quite a day...

My father always said he was of Black Irish, as my great grandfather who lived in Muncie, Indiana, did emigrate directly from Ireland, specifically the area 50 miles to the southwest of Dublin. I had always suspected a black lineage from that connection, but it has not been confirmed. May be just a myth on that side of the line.

My mother is a different story though. She was from Georgia, originally a Dutch penal colony, and claimed primarily Dutch ancestry, with relatives in Arkansas, Georgia and Virginia. Never really talked much about her heritage and seemed unwilling to do so, which seemed odd to me. Now I wonder if she was hiding something after reading an article on the net that led me to this forum. The scenario seems in line with the article.

My wife has either Cherolee or Blackfoot in her ancestry that we have to confirm on paper yet through the Cherokee Nation roles and DNA, but have not had much luck. The name of the link on the roles is "Nancy Black".

I am really wondering now if I have similar ties to either Cherokee, Chickasaw, or Creek, based on the article's discussion of the 'Black Dutch". I guess I will start with the link to mentioned in other posts and see what comes of it. When we can afford it, we are also going to check our DNA too. We'll see...

Just so I know, what does NDN stand for?
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