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Cuz Bonno or Bono or Boner is a friggin TOOL. That's right I said it. Bonno is a DoorKnobb. And a corn cobb. But perhaps not, I wouldn't want to tarnish corn with Bono associated with them.

Because, does that guy really need to put out yet another Double Platinum album??? That fool has enough money to bail out the United States! And what does he do but walk around buying 500$ umbrellas and whining about when he forgets em on the private jet that carts his butt around the continents world hopping.

Bono is such a freakin overrated bag of hot air. He's a whiny ugly yellow be-speckled goon. Just fade into obscurity already Bono, no one cares man. Just hop on the Partridge Family bus with the rest of your nutty gang of losers. Oh and drive it over the nearest cliff and do us little people all a favor huh?

Maybe you can write us all a song about it and email it to someone with your iphone so you can make another few million with your new hit signal from the last moments of your sordid sad life.
Make your daughters see the wisdom of dating/marrying DORKS not thugs. The most dangerous thing about Dorks is they just might kick too many people's tails on a video game or play GI Joe or Transformers with their kids. Or worse yet know way way too much about dinosaurs...

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