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Originally Posted by MaileenasDad View Post

Cuz Bonno or Bono or Boner is a friggin TOOL. That's right I said it. Bonno is a DoorKnobb. And a corn cobb. But perhaps not, I wouldn't want to tarnish corn with Bono associated with them.

Bono is such a freakin overrated bag of hot air. He's a whiny ugly yellow be-speckled goon. Just fade into obscurity already Bono, no one cares man. Just hop on the Partridge Family bus with the rest of your nutty gang of losers. Oh and drive it over the nearest cliff and do us little people all a favor huh?
Obsess much. lol Hey MaileenasDad, we're never gonna get anywhere if you keep holding back. Tell us what you REALLY think. lol. Naw man I TOTALLY agree with you. He is a TOOL.

Originally Posted by NorthofAda View Post
Can't stand Eric Clapton or Neil Young... Neither of them can sing, and I think Clapton is overrated as a guitarist.
WOW, I have to admit, I've never been a big Clapton fan, so I never got into Cream or Derrick and the Domino's, or even Clapton as a solo artist, that is not to say that I didn't like a lot if not most of his work, but Overrated guitar player? Man you really should check into more than what they play on the radio, man he will blow you away.

Originally Posted by 7pointbull View Post
Bon Jovi. total fag rock.
LOL. It used to not be like that, well for at least one album, then yeah, it's gotten gayer after every album.
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