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The Partridge Family. They suck, so does Susan Day or Dey. And David Cassidy, and what's with his hair anyways? I don't give a rats butt if she was on LA Law or whatever, that show was lame anyways. And they might as well pick up all the members of the BeeGees and Bono and Motley Crue and Yahnni and Kenny G and Nickleback and WASP and Mud Huney and drive off that cliffside and make an album for all us fans out there. Oh and they can pick up Scott Baio too, he put out an LP also
Make your daughters see the wisdom of dating/marrying DORKS not thugs. The most dangerous thing about Dorks is they just might kick too many people's tails on a video game or play GI Joe or Transformers with their kids. Or worse yet know way way too much about dinosaurs...

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