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Should we just rename this thread MaileenaDad's rant and rave thread. lol

Celine Dion. Do I really need to give you a reason?
STYX: Just listen to them, you'll understand why.
KID ROCK: Really? Who ever fell for this TOOL and a half.
Oingo Boingo: Creepy 80's freak mod crap.
Air Supply: LAME
Spice Girls: What's the female equivalent to being a Tool? Toolettes?
Justin Guarini: Justin Timberlake wannabe TOOL.
NSYNC: Nuff Said
Kevin Federline: The Tool of Tools.
Backstreet Boys: Refer to NSYNC
Michael Bolton: Can it get any LAMER than this chode?
Insane Clown Posse: I really don't have to comment on that do I?
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