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Good morning Dave,
Sorry it took me so long to get back to the conversation, life and work got in the way of my entertainment time, where were we...oh yeah...

1. idk dude you could trim your bag down a bit i mean cuz its a bob after all i mean like you could reduce the fishing kit down a little since youre going for speed not weight ya know. plus you could ditch the flashlight and batteries and go with a handcrank headlamp instead. oh and dont buy the bracelet, make it yourself. i do and its super simple. besides i heard the ones you buy are like cheap (and not cheap in the good way like price neither) but craptastic easily snappable paracord and comes undone so quick. just get some good rated paracord and rig it up yourself.
Yeah, I could trim it down, but this is where I'm comfortable, and like I said, it was off the top of my head...the fishing gear, doesn't take up much room at all, and is very lightweight so I'm good with keeping it, You're right I could ditch the flashlight and batteries and stay with just a handcrank, but, I like my MAG LITE, I consider it a formidable weapon if need be, Please Tell me how to make the bracelets, I'd love to know how and I will make plenty ....

question: you dont do your bob seasonally? cuz i see you have longjohns and bugspray in there and i know that when im freezing my toes off i never really gotta worry about the mosquitos LOL! you could use the bugspray for a quick firestarter but you could just pack some vaseline cottonballs in a small baggie instead like me. again, that saves you weight, space. and my other question what do you think about those water bottles with the purifyer thing right in the cap? do you think they would be good or not? idk. im thinking that for just a few uses they would be good and not for heavy duty stuff
SEASONALLY, mmm. yes and no...I like to keep the longjohns around just in case, I have found that they have indeed come in handy at times, so it's worthwhile to me to keep them in, bugspray like you said multi purpose, and it stays pretty warm here almost year round, and the mosquitos don't go away until after we have a hard hard freeze...yeah vaseline works with the cottonballs, and so does the handsantizer stuff, again, multipurpose, I like the water bottles with the purifyer in the cap, however the filters have to be changed pretty often and I'm not sure if I'm confident in the amount of purification I'm hearing about in some of the brands...still invetigating this one...and like you , am not sure about their useage for heavy duty again, still investigating it..

2. we should make a seperate thread just for the wishlists HAHAHA or make like a group for ppl like us at least but just like the zombie thing im guessing theres only like 1 other person out there aside form us hahaha
Well, I'm pretty sure, that there are people on this board who know a whole lot more about weapons-n-stuff that I ever will know and that you're too young to know at this point...LOL!!...and we might take up way too much space with a wish list of this sort!! LOL!!!....and not everyone uses the same metaphor of the zombie horde for being prepared for everyday incidents, or the rainy day scenario..or for just plain common sense skillz in general.....(believe it or not some people actually scoff at the idea of using the zombie horde as a descriptive!!! )

3. i duuuuuuunno. but see my reasoning was that WHEN (not if lmao) the zombie hordes shows up im than likely gonna be by myself so i just dont see me having a partner to use as a meatshield or bullet-ize me if i ever get bit HAHA!
LOL!!..Well, to each his, or her, own...everyone has their reasons for their actions...I'd just prefer to have a partner to face the obstacles with who has a brain, knows how to use it, and can be tactically sound when neccesary....

4. man skills other than being able to reload? hahahahaha. i already said all that i needed to. im fit cuz i run and work out regularly and most importantly i know how long i can run/hike with my bob(s) cuz we go out with them often like hiking n camping n hunting and stuff so im way more comfortable with the weight and feel of my bags than probably like 90% of all the other preppers. plus i know all the other shhhhtuff my grampa taught me too which i think is dead handy imho. we hunt (bow & gun), we fish (netting using the nets we made, ice n spearing too) we trap, we have our own veggie garden, we go out and get berries when theyre in season, we do the sugar bush (make maple sugar/syrup) every spring, we rice (harvest wild rice)every fall. do canning with a lot of the stuff we harvest like some of hte deer meat and fruit or make jam out of the fruit. he can make any thing out of birch bark like canoes baskets n im learning n know the basics but i still suck hardcore lmao. flint knapping, stuff like that
Thats a nice list of ManSkillz you have started for you there....Keep up the good work..Remember the more you learn the better off you , and yours if the case ever arises for you, will be...have you thought about looking into herbs and wild flowers for medical needs etc?...I have been given several books over the years , Foxfire series, and some basic homesteading books that I found not only very interesting but informative as well...I found one book that gave a lot of information on preserving foods in "old fashioned" ways...(I love that term, old fashioned ways,,LOL!!), learned about making solar dehydrator, drying fruits, making fruit leathers, making jerky and also about canning over an open fire as opposed to on a conventional stove....some pretty interesting stuff...You sound like you are growing up in a rural area, is that right?...I did too, so learning how to chop wood, manual labor, and a good sense of work ethic and skills kind of comes along with the territory there huh?
Have you ever raised any animals for food?..I've raised goats and chickens...and learned about raising hogs from an aunt who used to do that...and of course along with that comes learning how to dress them out and prepare them for the kitchen....I worked for 4 years as a Seafood manager and in a Meat market, so I learned about cutting meats there and from going hunting and learning to dress out deer....You'd be surprised at the number of people who actually still beleive that "meat" comes from a "grocery store" instead of an animal....and who think that produce being in season is something like a holiday and that the stores just don't put them out until certain times in the year, rather than actual growing seasons.....I worry about people that think like that...and that wouldn't know how to plant a garden to supplement their grocery budget, much less know how to maintain it throughout the growing season in order to get the best results from it....COMPOSTING...sorry, another good skill to know...the list goes on and on though doesn't it?....

of course my grampa knows i have bobs and actually its MY gun not his HE BOUGHT it for me so yeah im pretty sure hes aware that its in my bag since hes the one who insisted i have them so uhhhh. yeah.... LOLOL.
Well, I can understand that then....

and how is keeping an extra bob in the truck an amazing feat for me? do you think im like 2 feet tall and cant open doors myself? LMFAO DUDE!
No, keeping an extra BOB in A truck is not an amazing feat....It was a 14 year old boy OWNING a TRUCK that was the amazing feat I referred to.....

yeah i know i didnt mention anything about good ol mama and daddy or brothers and sisters......probably because i dont got them so why should i worry about non existent people?
Dave, I'm sorry...I was not aware that this was the situation, please excuse me if I sounded rude, that was not my intention at all and I would never have said anything had I known this...I'm not an uncaring or unfeeling person, I just didn't know....

should i worry about rushing to get my leprochaun and pet unicorn when the zombies invade too? LOL!!!

and i plan on bugging out to our deer camp cabin that has every thing that we need and im not worried about my grampa getting there cuz he simply will. no questions asked. hes a bamf vet (marine) so im pretty sure a few undead aint gonna hassle him none LOOOL!

how does me being prepared for zombies make me silly? HAHA. i dont get it. oh and hes teaching me chess to so if you just check mated me how can i make a move??? cant be my move cuz doesnt checkmate indicate game over? LOL
Being prepared for zombies does not make you silly young man...heavens to mergatroid....and I said check, not check mate....

hope you have a great day kiddo!!..I look forward to hearing more !!
I will be a good girl , I will be a good girl, I will be a good girl......awe hell, we know this ain't gonna happen....

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