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Originally Posted by HistoryStudent View Post
Pigheaded. You replied with insults...and insults mean what? Did you reply with any historical records? did you reply quoting from any research? Did you reply with anything sourced?

hmmm..I don't think you did.

When you reply with insults instead of educated quotes and don't make you look very good.

I mean look how much I wrote..and all you got to reply back with that was insults. You do understand if this was a Debate contest which people do would lost that debate right?
Well, then I guess that works out perfectly for me seeing as I didn't come here for a debate, if that is what you want, I suggest you go to yahoo.

Originally Posted by yaahl View Post
LOL You are an idiot. As Zeke would say, I'm embarassed for you. Please someone tell this moron what he just said that is so funny.
what is so funny you overzealous duschebag is yaahl is an attorney, and well versed in American law, take about foot in mouth disease. Don't feel bad, it usually comes with head up butt disease

Originally Posted by HistoryStudent View Post

Tribal Affiliation
in MY own little world, where I'm the boss.
apparently ticking people off
friends: yaahl

Interest is "ticking people off" prime example of a troll. Friend is Yaahl, Yaahl apprently not even being asociated with USA tribes. Pigheaded apprently stating no tribal affilation.

Quite interesting. Especially seeing how pigheaded only came to this thread to yell insults and making racist comments, without writing anything on the actual issue discussed here.
Oh, no you found my very public information, what ever shall I do. How about this peabrain Tribal affiliation is none, because as a half breed Cherokee, who grew up in Pima country, I didn't see the logic in enrolling to obtain, "affiliate" status, that is hardly confidential information. BTW, that would be out of Oklahoma, you know the ones that are Federally recognized.

Location, well, you obviously don't understand humor, as far as interests go, this is what I'm talking about.

You know there are not many times Zeke and I agree, but this is definitely one of those times we do, You ARE AN IDIOT and an EMBARRASSMENT.

As far as your accusations of my spouting racial remarks to you, I'd remind you to not be a pot calling the kettle black when it comes to defamation. I Berated, you, insulted, you and called you names, but never did I make a remark about your race, creed, color, or sexual orientation.

So listen up Yellow Hair, or Yellow Hair's twin brother who lives about 1000 miles away. You and your historical fact, mean nothing to a people who's history has been passed down from generation to generation, WE KNOW, our history, it wasn't lost, that is the crap New Aged freaks and wannabes use when they app;y for State recognition of an all non native tribe. Remember this Jack@$$, your historical fact told us the world was flat. Historical fact teaches our children a lie about thanksgiving, if you want to know a more FACTUAL story, search the archives here, you'll get it. History also tells us that there are 3 other people who take credit for a Nikoli Tesla's inventions. These we know are wrong. History is also great in telling us nothing about what happened. for instance, how many stories to you hear in class rooms that speak of the raping and mutilations of our people by the armies, women children and elders, how many stories do you hear of children having their skulls crushed with the butt of a rifle or the heel of a boot, so that the army didn't waste bullets. So see to me anyway, your historical fact don't mean Sh!%.

And to your assumption that I only came here to insult and throw racial remarks to you, nothing is further from the truth, I originally came here to give honor to a man who gently corrected your false information. But then you got insulting to an elder and a respected member of this board. As I see it YOU fired the first shot.

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