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Originally Posted by HistoryStudent View Post
I'll also ask you this Yaahl.

When you file for recognigtion...where would you file? Canada right, not america right?

Is your family in a state recognized tribe in america? Is your family in the Federal Cherokee? Is your family in Kentucky? Is your family part of the Freedman? Is your family part of the Lumbee?

Right now where you are standing would all state recognized tribes in the USA having their claims to being indigenious people have ANY effect on your status as a indigenious person in CANADA?

Yet your in a thread making insults etc and making it look as if you actually belong in this topic...yet you do not belong in this topic.
You came to this thread because your friend pigheaded told you to come here and to attack. the same person who has admited to coming here only to harass and make racist comments. Has already admitted he did not even care to read this topic or research it and openly admitted to coming here for the sole person to institage and insult...openly admited to coming to this thread with zero purpose of the thread subject itself. Which would make it seem as if you and your friend came to this thread solely looking for new users to attack, I'm sorry but this is supposed to be a site pertaining to Native peoples....and no matter how many posts you have here and no matter how long you been here....does not mean a higher percentage of native blood.

This thread is to put "Facts" on the table that has already been proven to be a actual Native issue. This is stuff that has been all over the media before. The Federal Cherokee has a entire section on their website dedicated to this subject which only shows one side and not the other side. So not only does the Federal Cherokee state this is a Native issue but so does the Media in every state in America. This thread is to give a voice to Native peoples who are being attacked without their side of the story being heard. If you wish to attack that then your attempting to oppress every state recognized Native people's voice.

Putting Native issues in a native issues section of a message board shall not and will not ever be called trolling. stating facts in a native issue in a native issues section shall not and never will be called trolling. However coming to the native issues section for the sole purpose to attack with false statements and with racist statements without stating one thing that relates to the topic is Trolling.
Dude, you really need to stop huffing, it wrecks your brain and ruins your socks. Go to my posts again, I came here to give Josiah a thumbs up, you know the elder you insulted, if you are claiming to be native, you would know YOU DON"T DO THAT!

2. yaahl is just sniffs flakes out, you are all like metal to her magnet, believe idiocy screams loudly hear and gets it's own attention. And by the way yaahl is an elder as well and you are again insulting an elder. A smart person, not to mention a native person would have shut their mouth long ago and tried an new approach or just went away

3. You are obviously more ignorant than any of us originally thought, which is shocking, I thought you were like already at the bottom of the barrel. Do you know how many tribes have what is called dual citizenship?

4. A Native issue is a Native issue, whether it be in America, Canada or Mexico.

5. I've called you a Jack@$$, peabrain, a flake, an overzealous duschebag, an idiot and embarrassment, but I don't think I called you anything that by definition or law can be called racial. Please Mr. Research site where for me.

6. You know I have only given out 1 red bead before, and that too was because someone disrespected an elder, so now I guess this will make 2.

You are playing with a hornets nest, friendly advice here, seriously, I would quit while you are only far behind.
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