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Here is a link to photos of the Melungeons.

Here is a video from a documentry a lady made about the Melungeons (As a note: Black dutch was a word some Europeans tried to label us just like the Melungeon name lol )

Here is a video from apprently a new ager which made a website about us claiming we are aliens lol. She is who put the photos on the trees and I have no real idea who the photos are of lol We also told her our history but she left it out of the video lol We did not want in the video because the lady was talking all this alien stuff lol. That is our grave site and that girl at the end is one of us. She is correct in our family being connected to many of the mounds on the east coast. Our families regularly visits the various mounds on the East coast. But has nothing to do with aliens lol

Here is a video from the Muslim and Nuwabian people using our people to claim we are Egyptians lol The guy took like 2 pages from a book that was wrote by Brent Kennedy and ran with it lol Most of the names he says is Melungeon names is not melungeon names. We also are not connected to South Carolina lol. Comparing the Koran to the Powhatans is totally inaccurate as well lol.

Here is a video of these Turkish people trying to claim Native Americans came from turkey lol ( Note: Not one Melungeon is in this video or was at this event, this is something the Turkish people did on their own lol).

Here is a turkish news coverage....Brent Kennedy claiming Melungeons are Turkish because of a disease lol (Have to jump to about 2:40 to get to english speaking lol). I'll note that Melungeons never once said they was Turkish, they always said Indian and Portugesse. They also do not mention alot of people being put in these genetics tests are not proven Melungeons or proven to even come from that mountain ridge, 95 percent of proven Melungeon descendants did not show traces of Turkish, in fact they show Native american Maternial DNA and in alot of cases European and portugesse Paternial DNA.

This is what us East Coast native communties call new age lol.

Here is Turkish news footage showing the Turkish Government trying to say Native Americans are Turkish. These people are trying to get the BIA and other Native american tribes to back this.

The Cherokee is being brought into this stuff also. Here is news footage about Cherokee being called Jews.

Here is a webcast of people trying to call the Cherokee Jews.

Here is a video from Discovery channel, where they use the Central band of Cherokee trying to prove Cherokee are Jews (these people ARE NOT documented Cherokee, they have zero proof of being Cherokee and that is left out in the show lol).

The Central band of Cherokee only speak for themself and do not speak for the other Cherokee, Also brent Kenedy and the Melungeon heritage association does not speak for the Melungeons either. These are groups giving many native people on the East coast a bad name. These are groups we originally thought was working for the Native people, but as soon as money is thrown their way, they will say whatever they are told to say just to make money lol. Here on the East coast we do not see these crystal new age people, we instead see these people that want to claim Native americans are descendants of other countries and Native American culture and language was from other countries. For some reason outsiders think they speak for us when they do not and we are nothing like them. Just as some people find a new ager and instantly think all non federal tribes are new agers as well. The Melungeons are my family, however they never wanted to claim a tribal destination, only indian. So I do not claim tribal destinations from them, I have other native family lines that I use for tribal destinations. The Collins family that started the Melungeons is spread into pretty much every tribe that has ever been in NC, VA, and Maryland. Some of the Collins family is spread out as far as the Paiutes.

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