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Indians of Person County (formerly Cherokee-Powhattan Indian Association). Letter of Intent to Petition 09/07/1984.

Lol, they are some weird people lol.

They now go by the name of Sapony. They have zero proof of Saponi descent. We contacted them several times and simply asked the, why do they deny documented Saponi people enrollment, how do they claim Saponi, and what is their enrollment process.

They told us we are people in indentity crisis and threated us with legal action if we question them again. They have only used the sapony name like maybe 5 or 6 years now. Not really sure how asking how they claim Saponi would amount for legal action lol.

Here is their deal, they have numerous times changed their tribal destination, they claim their indian blood from a indian school. This school had no tribal association. They say anyone who went to that school can enroll with them. There is also no record of any Saponi in any relations to that school.

Several of the ones you named that used the Cherokee name in North Carolina is now using names that I've brought concerns up on. Several people from those groups is on this message board now going under different tribe names. These tribes will change their tribe name numerous times and always get mad when someone just asks them to show some proof od descent.

The Lumbee used to use the Cherokee name, I'm still not clear as to why they refuse to use their actual historical tribe name. they are mostly Tuscarora. Just like the Haliwa saponi is actually Tuscarora also. Haliwa (Halifax and Warren county) was the Tuscarora reservation, so how they get the Saponi name out of them coming from the Tuscarora reservation I have no idea. I'm thinking they was one of the tribes claiming Cherokee awhile back.

This was why Federal Cherokee Robert K Thomas went to NC in 1976 to research the cherokee issue there. Alot of tribes was using the name Cherokee at the time. The name of his research is "cherokee communties of the south". He came to my Collins family and our family was the only one he said claimed Saponi and he stated his research showed we was Saponi. A year after this report the Haliwa started using the saponi name even though Robert K Thomas told them clearly they was not Saponi. Then the Occaneeci took the saponi name, and then the Indians of Person county. No one had a issue with them using the name, the issue was them using the name and completely denying all the families that was known as Saponi, before 1977 the Collins, austins, and Griffins was the ones called Saponi there was none of this Sapony, Occaneechi Saponi, or Haliwa Saponi. Those groups wanted to use the name Cherokee and then came for the name we had been using. If you ask any of us to show how we come from Saponi, we will show tons of historical records with our names, you ask them and they refuse to show anything.

We have been dealing with these groups (which used to call themself Cherokee), dealing with groups wanting to use us to say native americans are egyptians, and then we have wanna be hunters....alot of the cherokee groups the federal cherokee put pressure now the same ones that has been using our family tribe names and trying to steal our heritage. the same ones your speaking against is the same ones we speak against only they are using different names today. And many times the federal cherokee have been grouping us in with them when in fact we are speaking against those same groups that was giving the federal cherokee problems. They are name changers.
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