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There is the group you have listed using the Cherokee name in North Carolina.

Now people are letting groups like that use group names that others was already using and are documented to.

The problem is the people "originally" using these various names never wanted recognigtion, never wanted government money or anything, we had just kept the history and heritage alive amongst ourself. Now that these groups that used to use the Cherokee name have started using our ancestorial tribe names and seeking federal rec, it causes us a problem because once a tribe gets federal under that name, it starts some legal issues with the originial name holders. Where a group can legally steal another's heritage etc thru that. We even tried to work a unity with them, they flat out did not want unity with us even though they are now using our ancestor's tribe name.

So now native american descendants on the east coast is starting to be labeled as fakes and frauds when they are not the fakes and frauds, they are the documented descendants. They are the ones being robbed of their heritage. They are not the ones who had been using the cherokee name. This is why we have started telling descendants they need to start educating themself more on their heritage and start representing their heritage more or these groups are going to steal it from them. We also have the Nuwabians coming in trying to claim our heritage as well. We have these Turkish people coming in as well. So we was faced with sit back and continue preserving our heritage like we had been doing or we are going to have to unite more and become more public to let people know about us. Not about money, it is about saving our heritage. We don't care about money or land all we care about is our heritage. The same people you say attacks your heritage is the same ones we say is attacking our heritage. Yet we get lumped in with them by wanna be hunters.

What I think is so bad about these groups now taking on names others had already been using, is they are borrowing stuff from other tribes and dressing in plains clothes, not even wanting to use our sacred blue and red colors, none of them even want to work on learning what little we have of our languages, not even caring about the face paint style our people used, not caring about that ummm our people had mo hawks not these other hair styles, even the druming style we used was not these big drums with alot of people sitting at it, these people do not even seem to know that our drummer sat in the middle of the dance circle not outside of it. We did not use medicine wheels, we did not use turquise jewelery. So much of our ancesterial ways is well documented, people are quick to use the tribe name yet not wish to read about our ancestors. Why are we more interested in pow wows and telling people we are indians rather than being more interested in making visits to our ancestor's mounds to pay our respects. Take a look at these Virginia and North Carolina tribes today, and see how many mo hawks you see. Look and see how often you see the blue and red colors. Look and see if you ever see the drummer inside the circle. They are more interested in being like the western people rather than their own people.
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