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Originally Posted by 2lineCarrandMorgan View Post
I like KiowaKat and wanted her back here and said so in a few words please don't talk ill of her in the manner that you did Zeke she is right to her understanding and i don't think that you in one post speak of fight and then call out a woman anyway why don't you have a happy day today and rest from your own angry words

Carrand, you are aware Kiowakat aka Kathy has been publically attacking Metis people? One example is The Thunder Bird Society who basically call themself Metis, they would always go around teaching communties native history of the areas, and they did sell a few crafts here and there, nothing big. Well they was collecting money to send to the Lakota people so the children could have food and clothes and the elderly could stay warm in the winter.

I've seen several of these Thunder bird society members and they look more Indian than Kiowakat. Kiowa Kat started sending letters to locations to keep them from being able to attend events, she even stopped them from being allowed to be a part of the "indian heritage festival" in Missouri.

She also publically attacked one of Missouri's oldest and most respected Native americans, Grandmother coyote. Grandmother Coyote is 86 years old. If you have never seen Grandmother then you really should because she carries alot of native blood. Grandmother's whole life has been Native teachings and upbringing. She is one of the nicest and sweetest women you will ever meet. Even after Kathy attacked her, Grandmother would not speak hasrshly back. Anyone who has been to Native events in the Ohio and Missouri area know who this woman is and many elders in the Federal tribes is good friends of Grandmother, they even invite her for visits.

For well over 40 years Grandmother has been a part of the Native events in the Missiouri and Ohio area. She is a story teller, she is usually found sitting in a chair speaking to the children and trying to tell them of the Native people.

Before Kiowa Kat ever came to Missiouri, there was Grandmother. Before Kiowa kat was even born, there was Grandmother. Maybe the younger generations do not know who Grandmother Coyote is, but the grey hair elders know her very well and love her dearly.

Never once has anyone ever harassed her. Well apprently Kiowakat and some reporter started working on a plot to get Grandmother ( a 86 year old lady) removed from the native communities and publically calling her a fraud and fake. The only thing they could do was try and say Grandmother altered her birth cert, which shows white then was crossed out and then red added. This was NOT done by grandmother. We do not know who did this. Kathy aka Kiowa kat even went to local papers to "Expose" Grandmother. I promise if you ever met grandmother you would never want to harass her. I encourage you to go meet her in person and then come back and tell me she is not Native american.

Now here is what was found out about Kiowa kat herself. She claimed her mother was full blood Kiowa which was proved false. If Kiowa kat's mother was full Kiowa then she is the whitest 1/2 blood native I have ever met. Anyone who has met KiowaKat in person will tell you she is no where near 1/2. From the pictures I have seen, her kids and grand kids are blonde hair blue eyed. She told the newspaper that she denounced her indian heritage and claimed to be white until just a few years back. She told the local newspaper that people in Missiouri called her a "savage" and that is was not a fad to be indian in the 1970's. This is the reason she told the newspaper for why she has always claimed to be white. Ok big flaw in that, I know tons of Missiouri native people who look way more indian than Kathy and they will tell you flat out they never once heard the word Savage used in Missouri. There is many people on this message board from Missouri, you can ask if anyone called them Savage.

For the 1970's not being any indian fads going on, may I not remind you of the hippies and flower childs. May I not remind you of the american indian movement. May I not remind you that many of our native people's greatest achievements rose in the 1970's. In fact the 1960's and 1970's was the time when being indian was at it's height. Native crafts was having the highest sales ever in those years.

So something is wrong with her story about why all this time Kiowakat claimed she was white and would not claim indian. So all this time that Kiowa Kat was claiming she was white, people like Grandmother was out showing full pride in Native Heritage and was actually educating the public. Now here is something that is interesting, About the time Kiowa kat started accepting and claiming she was indian, she started "selling" native crafts and making money off it. It was like over night Kiowa kat became a "instant" indian...started selling crafts and then running up to all the Missiouri native elders and waving her "federal" card around in their face and telling people to not let them represent native heritage.

Now here is what Kathy does not tell people, the federal card she has, is for the Kiowa tribe ONLY. Kathy is trying to make people in Missouri believe her federal gives her a free pass to every native culture and heritage which it does not. That card shows that her heritage and culture is Kiowa tribe only. Missouri's native culture and heritage has nothing to do with Kiowa. Kiowa is known as a plains tee pee tribe. They was in Western Oklahoma, North west Texas, and eastern colorado. The native heritage there is nothing like in Missouri or the other mound builder people. I've never really heard of any Kiowa's or cheyennes in Missouri till the mid 1900's. So what she is doing is going into a state that has nothing to do with her heritage, language, housing style, dress style, religion, etc....and publically trying to attack the local native communties' elders there calling them wanna be's and fakes.

Kiowa Kat has this guy from the cheyenne tribe helping her with these attacks in Missouri. Again Cheyenne is part of the Tee Peee plains people. Their areas was South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, and Kansas. The Federal card that man helping her has does not pertain to the Missouri native history either.

If you do not believe me then do a quick google test, google "Cheyenne mound" or "Kiowa mound". See what pops up.

So since Kiowakat and her friend has no Federal card for mound builder tribes, has no federal card for Missouri tribes. Why is she wondering around the Mound builder's homeland messing with mound builder descendants? Cahokia is our homeland. It is pretty much our most sacred land. It has nothing to do with Kiowakat's people so she has no right coming onto our homeland, our most sacred land, to bother our people there.

Kiowakat and her friend can not even get any recognigtion in Missouri. Now I do not know what kind of up bringing she had, I'm guessing was more of the "italian" up bringing since her father is Italian. Where I come from and my up bringing, you do not harass the grey haired elders, and you sure do not go onto other un related tribe's most sacred land to harass the local native communities there. My up bringing has always been that them 2 things is the most charished rules of our people. Seriously who does that and can still claim they was brought up in the native ways and say they speak for the Native people?

My up bringing teachings came from Levi Walker (Chippewa and Ottawa elder) and Senoya teal (my grandmother, and yes thats a REAL creek name of the wind clan).
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