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Originally Posted by Joe's Dad View Post
I lived in NC for almost three decades. I know a lot of the dancers who traveled from Florida to New York. I know many of the dancers from Cherokee. Will, Beaver, Antonio, blah, blah, blah.

I did not recognize any of those dancers in the Town Creek video. Why did they go get a drum from Virginia when Stoney Creek, Southern Sons, Red Wolf, the drum from Fayettville (some of the kids of the original Running Water Singers), Kau-ta-nohs (sp) all live REAL close to Mt. Gilead? Hope you don't say it's bcause Eastern Bull is a better drum.

Don't be putting the people from Cherokee or any of the tribes from NC in the Town Creek mix. Look at the dancers. They are mostly white people. That 'powwow' was always known as a hobbyist powwow.

Now go and look at that video. Those boys from Qualla Boundry only break out the biggest, baddest eagle feathers and beadwork. The dancers in the video are wearing turkey feathers! Now tell me how sacred the turkey is to the Cherokees. got a lot to learn about being an NDN...cuz u sure can't get over on one with all this smoke you are blowing.

Why aren't you happy being what your mama and daddy raised you?

You may want to look at that video again, There is Eastern band of Cherokee in that video. There may have also been 2 dudes from Nanesmond. But the event itself was inter tribal.

I was raised by Senoya Teal. I guarantee that you was raised around more white people than me. I would bet on that. I was not around white people culture, most I got to white people culture was on tv lol I guarnetee you come to where I was born and raised you will not see even 1 white person for 3-4 miles at least. In the schools I went to you will not see any white people there either. My family has REAL indian names, now what was your "indian" families names lol. So do not pull the indian card out on me, you won't win that one lol.

What tribe are you even with? Just off the bat I'm going to say one of the tribes that changes their tribe name like every 10-20 years or so since you claim your from North Carolina. My family has never changed their ancestorial tribe names even once. So please do not pull the indian card here.

I'm going to also take a wild guess and say your from one the groups in NC that has borrowed most of their stuff from more western tribes just to claim your more indian than the other people right? Because that IS the trend in North Carolina. Out of all the tribes in NC, how many has even one dance that is not found in every other tribe in the USA? My family has not once borrowed ANYTHING from a western culture. Can you say the same about yours? In your mind you probally think borrowing the Jinggle dress (Ojibwa btw) makes you more indian than people who do not borrow. Your also probally still thinking NC and Va drummers sat outside the circle right and think historically they all sat around one big drum with one stick also right? I love when people get their Native history and culture from a dvd then use it in their pow wows attempting to pull the "indian" card lol

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