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Originally Posted by Joe's Dad View Post
I needed to separate this statement so you wouldn't miss it, mr indian man.

And let me add also...I did serve the native people of North Carolina on a county, state and federal level. So, yes, I can say I can speak for the wonderful native people of North Carolina.

Can you say the same thing, mr indian man?
How can you serve our people out here when you do not share our blood, heritage, or culture? lol

Why are you not serving YOUR people. We are not your people.

Oh and now I see you've tried to pull the black race card lol.

Next your going to try and pull a poverty card too huh?

Before you even try to pull that card, I was born and raised in the poorest neighborhood in Georgia and probally most of the South East. Where I did not have the luxory of sheet rock on the ceiling, where my house had holes all in the floor so we would have to nail wood over the floor holes, where half of our roof was nothing more than a blue "tarp". Walls that sunlight shine thru. Every time it rains sewer water floods and pours into the house. Where we use scotch tape to cover holes in windows. A neighbor hood where every 5th house is abandoned and littered with graffiti and broken windows. where the schools all had burgular bars on the windows. Nearly everyone I grew up with carries a bullet scar. My mom was 13 years old when I was born. If you want to go with my NC family, there was news reports in Asheville, nc about the homeless people in NC and they interviewed some of my aunts who was living in tents along the freeway back in the late 1990's to early 2000's. A few years back my family was all over the NC news when 3 rednecks decided to offer my uncle who is 3 years younger than me a ride home, they took him to a abandoned parking lot and stabed him over 21 times then pushed him out of the car to die. Don't believe me then look in Asheville news about Ron's bar in early 2000. I myself lived out in the woods of Greensboro NC for 2 weeks with nothing more than a blanket in 20-32 degree weather and it snowing. Many other of the native descendants on the East coast live every day of their life like this.

Never once has anyone in my family tried to seek federal funds for our Native heritage.

Yet we have these "federal" card holders coming out here to try and say who is or is not indian, try to tell us we about money, try and say they speak for our ancestors, try and say we don't know poverty.

If your from Arizona...YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR MY PEOPLE. Federal card holders can shove that card up their butt because it means nothing to REAL east coast native descendants. These people talk poverty and violence on their people that was from hundreds of years ago while we live that poverty and violence to this day. They talk about we are about money while they get a check from the government and hide behind casinos, while alot of our people live on the streets.

And they come TO OUR LAND and try to STEAL OUR BLOOD HERITAGE TO OUR NATIVE PEOPLE. They say our treaties was with england and the USA broke off from England so we don't get to claim our heritage. The Europeans might of took our land and our language from us.....but we sure as hell are not going to sit back and watch some out west native people come onto our land and try to STEAL what we have left...or let some out WEST native people come onto our land and disrespect our elders and our ancestors. We sure as hell are not going to sit back and let some some "federal" indians come out here and push us around with some card that was issued to them by the same government that took our land and tried to commit genocide on us.

Once our threat was the European invasion. Now our threat is Western "Card" carrying indians invading our land. These people can be 1/100th indian and just because they got a federal card think they can call people who is 1/4th to 1/8th indian a fake and fraud. I don't think so. Welcome to the East coast, leave your federal "Western" tribe cards home because they mean nothing out here. Out here we ask for family tree's. Family tree's is OUR Federal card. Federal cards are issued for YOUR tribe not ours. We don't judge people by skin color here, we judge people by who their ancestors are. Out here we believe in unity, we don't believe in Genocide.

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