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Originally Posted by Joe's Dad View Post
mr inddian man, I found this in one of your earlier posts.

Are you saying it was wrong for me to help my native brothers and sisters from the east when i wasn't from there?

But you people don't see it, you only think of yourself. This type of hate is only coming from the Corporate casino indians and their attacks is all money based. They do not want unity, they only want destruction and more money, for every native person they destroy they think it means more money for themself.

Who is it now attacking me because i disagreed with you on the Mt. Gilead video?

I for one am not going to sit back and watch some "message board indian" publically attempt to destroy fellow native americans and claim they speak on behalf of all native people.

Who is going to defend me from the likes of predators like you?

When I see it and when alot of other's see it, we sure as hell are going to school these new generation indians that THEY DO NOT SPEAK FOR ALL NATIVE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!! THE MAJORITY OF NATIVE AMERICANS DO NOT CONDONE HATE ONTO OTHER BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!! As long as moderaors sit back and allow these Federal Cherokee to harass non federal indians, then there will always be a problem on here...REAL INDIANS DO NOT SIT BACK AND WATCH ATTEMPTS OF GENOCIDE ONTO OUR PEOPLE!!!!

So you are a REAL INDIAN, eh?

Poor mr. indian man. You are in such an emotional conflict within yourself. Wanting to attack 'Federal Cherokees', yet no one will claim you as one of their own.

Poor, poor, mr indian man.

Your the one who wanted to pull the "indian" card everytime someone disagree's with you. So don't get it twisted lol.

I am claimed lol More tribes will enroll me than will enroll you. Now thats quite interesting huh?

As for "preditors", let me give you what that word means.

This is right out of the Webster's dictonary.

Preditor: one that preys, destroys, or devours, an animal that lives by predation, predators like bears and wolves.

That does not sound like someone who defends themself huh? Sounds like a wanna be hunter huh? Sounds like someone who comes from out west to the East coast and tries to attack us. Sound liek someone who likes to pull a race card, sounds like someone who constantly hunts thru message boards online just to claim they are more indian than another, sounds like a person who wants to justify destroying another person's heritage huh.

Now you care to use words that you do not know the meaning of again?

how many times have you attempted to pull a race card?
Scroll up and see how many times you used the term "mr. indian man. "

You'll never see me try to pull a race card. You'll never see me try to prove a person is not indian.

Go ahead and scroll thru all the messages on this board, see which posts start first, federal tribes attacking east coast tribes.. or east coast tribes attacking federal tribes? It's the federal tribes attacking east coast tribes. They are the ones who are the ones attacking.

Who is the ones who try to always try to say they speak for all native people? The federal tribes even when they are no relation to these tribes they say they speak for.

You claim you help East coast tribes...yet your going around trying to prove they are fakes and frauds, how quick did you jump at the discussion about Saponi of NC not being Saponi? You was all over that topic huh? When that whole topic was not about them NOT being indian, it was not about calling them fake or frauds, that topic was just about how undocumented indians can get state rec while documented indians still do not have state or federal rec.

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